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For immediate release                                                            October 15, 2019

Helping Canadian Musicians take charge of their economic future 

Learn strategies to get paid and use digital technology to your band’s advantage

Get great advice from industry experts FOR FREE, sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts 

Waterloo, Ontario – Starting October 15, 2019 an on-line window will open up to all Canadian musicians to sign up for the first ever FREE online music business course designed specifically for Canadian musicians to learn the ins and outs of today’s changing music industry.

The course starts in November 2019 with a maximum 50 spots available.

Funded by a significant grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, BandLaunch is unique:

  1. BandLaunch will show you and your band the rules that the music industry uses – copyright laws, licenses, merchandising, agreements, digital technology, streaming, deals, and more that will determine your success as a musician.
  2. We have hours of interviews with industry movers and shakers. We will be delivering the course in a live ‘show’  format for approximately 12 weeks to make sure that it is both informative and entertaining. 

BandLaunch is founded by Mark Church; entrepreneur, music producer, and former MBA instructor at Wilfrid Laurier University, and Roland Hofer; long-time Canadian musician and artist. Their goal is to empower Canadian musicians with a comprehensive toolkit to succeed in today’s digital music world.

Says Church, “Musicians need to know how the revenue streams work in our current age of digital distribution.  The shift from a unit sales-based revenue model to models based on licensing and performance requires new strategies. We can shed some light on how to get musical success in the digital universe, and help Canadian musicians run their band like a business.”


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