Caliban Strange

The Beginning: Caliban Strange

Beginning with the Solar Powered Rock – a metaphor for the planet. Yes, we’re musicians. We also love creating music, multimedia, toys, sonic cannons, videos, and general mayhem that encourages people to think.

We’re at, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. You can also find us at, an international social network for musicians.

Musicians on a Mission

Living through early years of scraping money together for practice hall rent in seriously dangerous buildings, 1980’s technology, recording on tapes and cassettes, and writing… always writing. Making money from music is hard. We saw so many of our musician friends struggling with making money in the music business. We also noticed many musicians just didn’t know about the rules of the industry.

The Vision of BandLaunch

One of the objectives of the program is to maximize the self-sufficiency of musicians by giving them the tools to control their economic destiny. Musicians struggle to make their art a viable commercial product. The music industry is in a period of great change – we are trying to teach that while the music industry seems very different than it did in the past, new digital tools open up a wide range of new possibilities for making successful careers. We promote a inclusive comradeship among musicians, that
is particularly true by including musicians who identify as disabled.

Where does the money come from?

Working out a plan to thicken the streams…

It is true that the business models of musicianship are largely different than they were in the past, at least for many genres. The good news is that, as musicians we are a very creative lot and have the ability to invent and create new revenue streams. We can help you learn the rules of the road for the music industry – the laws, the typical deals, and ideas that we’ve found from interviewing key people in the industry. We’re not lawyers, A&R, promoters or program directors – but we’ve interviewed all of them and will share what we found in our show.

Interesting facts…..

Next Steps…

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